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Shoulder pain can happen for a variety of reasons, including issues like shoulder dislocation. Daniel Haber MD, an orthopedic surgery and sports medicine facility in Campbell, California, is ready to help patients escape their shoulder pain for good. Shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff surgery, and all types of shoulder procedures are performed with expertise and precision by Dr. Haber.

Shoulder Pain Q&A

What is a shoulder arthroscopy?

Arthroscopic surgery, commonly referred to as arthroscopy, is a specialized type of surgery in which very small incisions are used to give Dr. Haber a close-up view of the interior of a damaged area. In the case of a shoulder arthroscopy, a small incision or series of incisions is created in the area directly above the damaged joint. Dr. Haber will then place a tiny camera into the incision, which allows him to see the damaged area of your shoulder on a nearby television monitor.

Why is shoulder arthroscopy needed?

There are several reasons that a shoulder arthroscopy may be needed, including:

  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Rotator cuff damage (rotator cuff surgery can restore your shoulder to full function)
  • Removal of debris that's causing movement problems in the shoulder
  • Removal of damaged cartilage

How does a shoulder arthroscopy work?

At Daniel Haber MD, shoulder arthroscopies can be performed on an outpatient basis. The entire procedure usually takes a few hours or less, and you're typically able to go home the same day to start your recovery. During the surgery, you'll be under a local anesthetic, so you'll feel no pain. Very small incisions -- less than a centimeter, in most cases -- are created for the miniature camera. Other tiny incisions may be created for surgical tools. Dr. Haber will add fluid to the shoulder area to flush out debris and improve his ability to move around in the surgical area. A shoulder arthroscopy is a common arthroscopic procedure today, and it can yield enormous benefits. Even if you're hardly able to move your shoulder due to pain, a shoulder arthroscopy may allow you to regain normal function of your shoulder without pain.

How long is the recovery period after arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

The recovery time varies by patient, but most patients are able to resume many of their normal routines after only a week or so. Dr. Haber will give you specific recommendations about your recovery. As long as you closely follow discharge instructions and faithfully do prescribed exercises, physical therapy, or other recommended treatments, you can expect to have a well-functioning shoulder again.